Terry Preshaw

My trip to the Amazon in 2002 was a life-altering experience: I almost died from a fire ant sting and discovered that photography had become a passion! I started out with a little Sony point and shoot. Now I shoot with a Nikon D4S, D3 and Nikon D700. I use Lightroom 5 and Photoshop for processing.

Lately, I have been more interested in photo illustration as opposed to mere documentation. People are often puzzled by this - they wonder how a photo can look so artistically rendered. My photo illustrations most closely resemble pen and ink drawings which I loved creating while a student at Grinnell College. The secret is in the application of filters - some of which are found in Photoshop - others are plug-ins. It is the unique combination of filters specific for the image that allows me to expose the art I see within.

2009 was amazing: Mark Thornley and I immensely enjoyed our wedding at the Space Needle on March 4th, honeymooned in Eternal Egypt and Paris, bought a 1918 house-by -the-sea in Old Town Mukilteo, which made the top ten best small towns to live in CNN Money Magazine! And...CNN used one of my lighthouse images for its article! I later traveled to China and Maui, meeting wonderful people and gathering memorable images.

2010 was a year of travel as well: Squamish, BC, Texas, France, NJ, and Michigan with a fall trip to NJ and Christmas in Maui!

2011: We returned to Egypt on the NeferuRa, this time with our friends Scott and Sharon during the revolution and then a quick stop in Paris to visit Katy! So check out those Travel Galleries and enjoy!

2012: NJ, Eastern Washington, France (Paris & Normandy with my 86 year old Dad!), New Orleans, Arizona, and NYC!

2013: Off to France in June for Katy and Kyriakos' Paris Wedding and Britanny exploration! Michigan is also on our list for a another wedding and adventure: Grand Hotel and Sault St. Marie! I'm running for Mukilteo City Council Position #1 so I will be adding new Mukilteo images! Thanksgiving trip to NJ/PA/NYC!

2014: Really enjoyed April trip to Paris (with NJ layover!); Madison, Wisconsin; two trips to Ohio (Family Reunion + Wedding in Cleveland, Tour of Appalachian Ohio including Zanesville & Marietta); and a great visit with our dear friends in Loon Lake, WA. Finished the year by traveling to Ville Le Grand and Annecy (both close to Geneva) to welcome new grand daughters, Daphne & Chloe!

2015: Starting the travel year with a trip to Maui! Check out the Gemini Whales 2015 Gallery - it is whale soup out here!

Have enjoyed producing professional images for many clients this year and hope to increase my productivity!

Summer and Autumn travel plans are packed: Loon Lake, NJ, then Geneva/Greece and possibly Christmas in Egypt!

I can be reached at or call my cell 425-343-8472.